The class decides which abilities that are available to choose from when building your character. The following classes are available to the mortals.

The fighter is a fearsome warrior with muscles and a hardened body as its primary assets. Depending on the chosen abilities, equipped items and play style the fighter is suitable to both tank damage, deal damage or a combination of the both.

The sorcerer is a magician with magic as its primary way to advance though the world of Domdaria. The sorcerer is most suitable to deal damage and may have a hard when their foes come to close.

The dominator is a master of the mind with abilities to charm and control other creatures. He or she makes a great support in a party but can as well solo creatures by charming other beasts. The dominator can also quickly travel over the world by creating portals between distant locations.

The templar uses the light forces to heal the wounds and cure the sick. He is also an expert in banishing and controlling the undead creatures.