Much has happened the last month with an overwhelming amount of feedback from all the test players. Plenty of bugs has been fixed and a plan for the future has taken form.

The feedback has pin pointed three and a half areas that needs extra attention:

  • Character customization, mainly abilities
  • The amount of content
  • Better help system
  • Improved UI/UX

We hope that the recent changes has addressed most or all of the issues regarding the UI/UX feedback and especially the combat UX. The plan is now to implement the following:

  • More abilities and more ranks (this will include new combat mechanics)
  • Many new zones, quests, items and class quests (3 new zones has already been added)
  • A new help/tutorial system
  • Crafting will also be added as a major new feature of the game

We hope that you are as excited that we are for the new upcoming features and content. We will initiate a new test-drive when most of the planned features are in place. We hope to transition to an open beta after that.