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2015-09-03 19:00:26
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Old info:
  • All players can kill all players at all times
  • Player who do not whish to participate in PvP can mark/protect themselves (through an in game quest or talking to some powerful NPC or PC).
  • If someone not marked/protected kills someone who is marked the killer will become hunted by NPC or PC or GM.
  • If someone who is marked/protected kills anyone the killer will become unmarked and also hunted by NPC or PC or GM.
  • (Marked players will receive a PvP buff)
  • (* Marked players are only "marked"/protected in certain zones. Additional quests are needed to become marked/protected in all or most zones)
Kreshnic added comment - 2015-11-12 22:19:18
This looks like a very versatile option. I would suggest maybe making it a PvP on/off button. The only reason for that suggestion is I can see how many players may not want PvP at first but eventually want to give it a try. If they don't end up liking it but are stuck with it they may not continue playing. Also there may come a time for many PvP players that they would like to be safe for a bit, this could give them that ability as well.