2015-09-10 00:21:21
2015-11-23 20:03:26
Reporter: zaimus (Zaimus)
Location: bargof-forest.185
It would be very kind if before being attacked, if an aggressive NPC would either 'Advance' or 'Notice' you, to let you know they were going to attack. (Either term would work.) This could be linked to some sort of awareness stat or score, giving that sort of concept some play. 'Dumb" people can get attacked without warning a lot easier than clever / aware folks. This could be represented by text: "the wild boar notices you!" and on the map, a little "!" popping up by the NPC would be AWESOME. (maybe diagonally with the dot towards the npc).
Ciaran added comment - 2015-12-04 23:15:50
A slightly more detailed color coding might help here. Things that are red really should be read as openly hostile. Unless I am mistaken though, they usually only attack you if you're in the same tile or passed through their tile. Perhaps that range could be increased and you would receive a warning of being in range?

What's really needed I suppose, is an indication of what sort of action/behavior you should expect which could, reasonably, be tied to some kind of knowledge/perception stat. Additionally some way of knowing that something can perceive/is percieving you/is alert (beside an auto invis. dispel/sneak disrupt) would be useful, which could also tie in to a stat. So, hostile NPCs would only be shown with red markers if you knew to expect hostility and haven't engaged with them. Supposing you didn't have that knowledge and you invisibly snuck into a fort, you should probably expect to be told off/thrown out, not attacked.

I hope we are differentiating NPCs from wild animals here though.