2015-03-14 06:49:33
2015-04-03 11:56:36
Reporter: zaimus (Zaimus)
Location: toldara.34
It would be really handy if gm-restore and gm-kill could be world wide commands. Many times when i see a player die, especially this early in the game, i want to restore them right away if i see the message right away, but it always takes too much time to GOTO an gm-restore. Gm-kill i think will be useful in the far future, when we have players who need punishment or something. ;-)
Ciaran added comment - 2015-04-03 21:35:18
I don't see why gm commands should be restricted to the gm being in the same room. Although, other sorts of restrictions might make sense. Like maybe you can only restore a player X times within a certain amount of time. It's unlikely that those currently in such a position will abuse their powers or that such abuse will matter in the immediate short term, but it seems sensible to discourage an excess of favoritism. There probably ought to be an override for the admin though, just in case they need to do so for some reason. If an override exists (and is noted when it's used) then it's very easy to tell (if you log commands) when someone is using something a lot, when it might otherwise require significant log combing if you log a lot of things.