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2015-03-01 06:09:54
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.23
I've seen two kinds of mount systems. The most common is having an NPC that basically is following the player, and attacks, may be attacked independently. The other system is having mounts as a special kind of equipment / item. They mod the player's stats, give them special abilities, etc., I think in Domdaria it would be special if the system worked combining the two. An NPC , a black horse could be found in a field somewhere. A player may be able to charm or convince the horse to trust her. The black horse could follow the player around and do things like attack, flee, etc.. The player could mount the black horse, which would make the NPC unload and load/create a mount type item of a black horse. On the 'P" window, opposite of the player's icon, name, level and class would be the PERFECT place for a mount. _________________________________ Zim Beauty Level 12 Level 1 Human Sorcerer A Black Horse The mount name could be related to a skill (ride skill or something else), the bottom line it's NPC name. Mounts could gain levels which would transfer between it's NPC state and item state. Maybe a player has to give a % of their experience to the mount. (adding to gameplay, replay value) Some mounts may even be magical creatures that evolve, or could be modified or evolved by equiping their NPC form, or using special spells / scripts / food / etc.. Guilds could have their own special mounts awarded or bought related to guild level (if implemented). Adding more to gameplay and replay value. In NPC form, a player may be able to give it's mount (based on mount level and/or player's specific skill) orders. While in item form, the player may have extra commands to use, such as CHARGE, RETREAT, DODGE, BREATHEFIRE(?) which would add to battle variation. Mounts could be targeted only in NPC form or in both. Players could buy / rent or be given some space in a stable related to their city/town/village/guild/clan having a maximum number of places to keep a maximum number of mounts based on how active and liked they are in the world in various places. Again, this would add a lot to gameplay, making players take time and make effort to have an awesome collection of mounts. Maybe even selling mounts could be a big business. Also mounts would change the player's motion message. Zim riding a black horse trots to the south. or Afara on a purple dragon swoops west. or Swiftily on a silvery landshark, Recklea glides north.
Ciaran added comment - 2015-03-27 23:41:15
Both systems sound valid, but I don't why both can't be true. This sounds interesting, but I can't see why the mount should have to change "modes". I don't know what the underlying code is, but perhaps there should just be creatures that can be mounts (like horses, dragons, etc) if they have some flag set that enables certain behavior options. I don't NPC is a good classification for a mount.

It would be interesting if your mount could be scared away and start fleeing the opposite/safe? direction from you in the middle of your battle. With such a possibility being able to tie it up somewhere (for less intelligent creatures) might be very important. Could require having a rope... ----- I don't think players should have/need a collection of mounts. There should be a cap whether it be 1 period or the number you can afford to house at an appropriate location (i.e. there's a stable where you can keep horses, but they charge 1gp/day and your dragon would have to live with you because no one else is willing to risk their lives to watch it for you.)