2015-02-28 15:56:03
2015-03-01 06:00:20
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.23
Kill X monster, get X item, meet X NPC, and maybe one or two more types of quests I've seen so far. Here are some more ideas for types of quests: 1. Go to Location X, return to the Quester. [Can be used in relation to Landmark system etc.] 2. Teach X skill / spell to NPC. This may give some incentive to learn a particular skill/spell to a higher level than a player might. 3. Bring a Friend / Lost Pet to Quester. This could be by a script / quest that the target NPC uses to follow the player, or using a skill such as dominator's charm. 4. Solving a riddle or some sort of problem of a Quester. Maybe some want a stimulating conversation. Maybe it's a math problem! 5. Seek out X NPC or X location, return and describe it to Quester. It is looking for specific keywords for the player to say. 6. An emote conversation, maybe with a deaf/mute NPC, they attempt to get the player to respond in certain ways using either set socials or using keywords in their original emotes. 7. Enchant This or Enchant Me. Player needs to cast some enchantment on an item or NPC (the quester or someone in their presence). 8. Heal me! or Heal this! Player has to heal the Quester or a particular NPC in their presence. 9. Show me how! Quester wants player to assemble / craft some item in their presence. 10. Protect me! Quester is about to be or is being attacked and asks for help. Player may slay the hostiles, keep the Quester alive, make the Quester invulnerable, or escape with Quester, depending upon the situation. 11. Draw me a picture. (if book/scroll system works) Players give their uploaded art to the Quester. Sure it might be bad, but it would get them to try to use the system, and maybe we'd get some interesting art to use in game. Also Write me a story. Player could write a book, and the Quester program scans it for # of words, or # of unique words, frequency, target words, etc.. could make several of these easy. 12. How do I get to X location? Player must explain to Quester how to get to X location from where they are. 13. Take care of my pet, child or baby. Player is given a following or has to hold the object in their hand(s) for X time until the Quester is done doing something. 14. Work my garden / field / orchard. Player has to do tasks for Quester, maybe shaking fruits out of trees, tilling soil, planting seeds, weeding garden, etc. 15. Play with me. If we have some simple scripted games (gambling) a Quester may ask or challenge player to a bet or game of something.
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