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2015-03-01 05:56:25
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.23
This is very long, but could be a kick ass marketing tactic... for new characters: Adventurer's Guild = newbies having fun and helping people, (Toldarans) Rogue's Guild = newbies making profit and doing shady things (Borgafians(?)) Warriors Guild = specializing in doing physical damage, {{especially for fighters, templars}} Toldara City Guard (or Guardians Guild) = specializing in tanking, {{especially for fighters, templars}} Sorcerer's Guild = specializing in doing magic damage, {{especially for sorcerers, dominators}} Wizard's Guild = specializing in magical resistance, {{especially for sorcerer's}} Dominator Guild = more offensive dominators,{{especially for dominators}} Monks Guild = more defensive dominators, {{esp. for dominators & fighters}} Templar Guild = specializing in fighting undead, demons, etc, {{esp. for templars, sorcerers}} Clerics Guild = specializing in healing {{esp. for templars}} Thieves Guild = specializing in accumulating wealth {{esp. fighters and dominators}} Ninjas Guild (or Assassins Guild) = specializing in assassinations {{esp. fighters and sorcerers}} Rangers Guild = specializing in wilderness harnessing and bows {{esp. templars and dominators}} Barbarians Guild = specializing in learning from wild beasts and axes (including throwing) {{esp. fighters and templars}} Druids Guild (or Peace Guild) = specializing in protecting life and non-violence. [RPers would love this] {{{{esp. sorcerers and templars}} Artisans Guild (or Craftsmen Guild) = specializing in crafting higher quality material items than any other guild, also non-violent. {{all class}} Enchanters Guild = specializing in enchanting items, players, better than any other guild, also non-violent. {{esp templars and sorcerers}} *note: non-violence promoting gameplay is a surefire way to grab a lot of people. MUSHes are still popular more than MUDs these days because of Roleplay and most roleplayer types don't care for hack/slash. But we'd get them involved here, creating an interesting dualism of gameplay. Moralists would also like us. **2nd note: Having all these guilds or more at the same time without players would be kinda silly. They could be introduced through major events in the world over time, timing is always key, and when the few starting guilds start growing, people's roleplaying (with staffs help) will get them ready for splitting off and forming 'their own guild"... ***3rd note: creating a whole new class takes most muds a long, long time. by having free guilds, we basically multiply the numbers of our classes by 4 x # of guilds, so we have 4 guilds at first....that's 16 combinations of gameplay possible. If the game is fun enough that people want to try these different combinations, they are probably going to find really cool ways to play, taking a long time to explore until boredom. In the meantime more new players come and start exploring, and we get a snowball effect for player base. We make a new guild or two and then we have 4-8 more combinations. Eventually a popular guild could lead to a new class being implemented --> ranger class, barbarian class, thief class, druid class, artisan class, enchanter class are the likely ones that would make players want to restart or BUY a new character slot to make a more powerful character fit for their favorite guild. ****final note: we could always switch to free guilds after the ALPHA/BETA, giving people something to look forward to once we have polished the game enough with enough content, fixed bugs and had something fun. This very well could blow everyone's minds!! and add to addiction.
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