2015-02-28 14:47:11
2015-03-01 05:53:37
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.23
I had a good time leveling to level 12. Not so difficult, lots of ways to earn experience. I think players would be able to level very quickly after playing through one time. How to slow them down a little and add to the game play / replay value? Guild Levels. A player can set an Experience Point Tithe, some % of experience earned instead of going to regular level, goes to Guild Level. Each guild can have different rank titles per level -- or at certain levels. This can allow for guild items, quests, doors, etc., to have guild level requirements, allowing us to not restrict by class so much (if doing free guilds system) and more on how much the player is adding to the guild. This gives guilds a larger role in a character's life , or at least the possibility, and adds to replay value, because people would want to work hard to raise guild levels to explore the different perks of each guild. Extra: Guilds could also pool the experience points their players tithe and give the world a Guild Ranking (and possible bonus) statistic. Also could combine with a Guild Bank which players could deposit money into, another way for a guild to try to dominate Domdaria.
Ciaran added comment - 2015-03-31 03:08:10
It makes a certain amount of sense for this to be an experience point sink, especially at higher player levels, but I don't personally like the idea. I'd propose something else, say 'Influence Points'. Somehow, characters would accrue IP (spend exp to get IP/some quests give IP instead of exp) and a guild/organization's influence would be either be the sum of it's members IP or the sum of their contributed points. A guild's influence points might be spent or simply decrease over time, but they could potentially be used in various ways depending on the system. They could be spent for some kind of benefit from outside the guild (receive benefits from another guild?), to acquire the favor of some in-game leader/faction (ability to establish a new guild chapter elsewhere? -- assuming that there isn't one in every city/locale by default), persuade another faction not to attack their members, get a loan from the nobility/merchants for a substantial sum.

It'd be really cool to see some kind of player established housing/fortress/whatever, which would play nicely into guilds/clans.