2015-02-28 14:39:30
2015-03-01 05:53:27
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.21
Allow players to choose (to an extent) which guild to join, this can create a lot of replay value for a game and allow players to find interesting combinations. This also allows to expand a class with modified skills/spells without having to make a whole new class. A fighter could be successful at the Warriors Guild, or join the Barbarians Guild a hidden one somewhere in a camp in the wild lands, or even be a magic armor / tool / enchanted guard type guy for the Sorcerer's Guild. Players would love trying out new sorts of things, and probably be more likely to buy character slots , as they discover bad ass combinations, and cool / 'hidden' Guilds. Players may join a guild by completing a quest by the NPC quest master. They'd need a staff member or Guild leader to revoke their status in the guild. This new freedom approach for guilds / customization can be eased into, by having a guild for new players/characters to work with until they find their true calling for guild life. Toldara = The Adventurer's Guild, Borgaf (?) = The Rogue's Guild or something along those lines. Boram would be the ideal Adventurer's Guild Master... losing that 'newbie" word. *note* If possible for a warrior to join a sorcerer's guild for example, doesn't mean the warrior would learn completely different skills and magic, but they may get access to interesting equipment, experiences etc. Maybe even have some different skills maybe even learn a spell or two at higher levels than what a magic user could. With most MUDs doing "remorts" and mixed classes sort of thing, I could see this being an easy way to satisfy those types of players. And again, especially appealing to people to pay for an extra character slot if only to be able to explore the different possibilities while holding on to a main character. We could expect them to subscribe at least a month. Depending on how much content and variety we put into it.
Ciaran added comment - 2015-03-27 16:49:14
An interesting function for a guild would be to facilitate class/skill specialization or differentiation or something. That is, you would have access to further training or something through the guild that you couldn't get elsewhere. Of course that would be most useful if there was something like skill with a particular weapon. For instance, suppose that there are scimitars and that your skill with a scimitar can improve (Skyrim-esque). Maybe you can get better slowly by using it, but you could be fast-tracked to skill level X by training through the guild (obviously you'd have to consider limits and costs etc).

One approach would be to have guilds and organizations. Guilds would be sort of "level 0" or basic organizations that you would eventually leave to join another group. They would function to help you become somewhat proficient as a character and then you could join an organization that has a larger role in the game.

What might be interesting along the lines of fighters getting magic weapons as above would be affiliations between organizations. So, maybe there is an organization of fighters (mercenaries or ?) that has an affiliation with the sorcerer's guild or some sorcerer organization that allows that group to easily obtain basic magical items and maybe some higher level, nicer stuff.