2015-02-28 14:18:05
2015-03-01 05:46:22
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.21
Night time graphics -- easily done with a blue or violet transparent foreground or other color tweaking. Less visibility (require lights/torches/magic/skill for extra visibility at night). Cities and other populated areas could have neat street lamps or other kinds of light such as the campfire, etc. (put an orange glow on the graphic?) Would look pretty beautiful. One day we could even have dawn/dusk graphics.
Ciaran added comment - 2015-03-31 03:40:14
Sounds nice. If you have night, you might as well go for dawn and dusk too. So: dawn, noon, dusk, midnight seems like a nice simple progression. -- It may require careful color choices for map elements if you want to color mask it. What might be good would be to do something kind of like fog of war, but only where there is insufficient light. So, a town might have torches or lamp and thus be mostly clear, at least along the roads. On the other hands, the roads, etc would be pitch black. In fact if you go that way you could introduce levels of moonlight which could be an even reduction in opacity? -- Having night vision or some such might enable you to see normally. Unfortunately the moment you bring game play into it and it ceases simply being aesthetic you have to deal with what enemies can and can't see. Also, the number of animals, etc out and about at different times of day. If you had smaller towns, then undead attacks or goblin/orc raids might make sense.