2015-02-24 03:19:22
2015-03-01 06:08:37
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.21
Allow an action in game or from the login page, for a player to upload their own icon for their player. You or some other person could approve or disapprove the icon before it starts, and also have a check if the player will let their icon become stock for other NPCs, etc. That could generate some free icons as well! Something similar could be done with items. A player could submit art for an item, along with a simple form for the item's info. approved or disapproved. Somehow if Domdaria had easy ways for people to attempt to upload their own art for the game, I wonder if we could get a community of MUD/RPG/Artists. That would make us really fast growing maybe?
Ciaran added comment - 2015-03-27 16:36:10
The best time to upload a character icon would probably be when you generate your character or on the account page. At that time, there could be a checkbox to share your art as an option for other players. It would make sense for that to put the art in some kind of queue for the developers to approve or dismiss. There should probably be some indicator to them which decision was made, so the submitter is not confused about the status thereof.

Personally, if it was accepted, then I think there should be some kind of credit given whether that be under art specifically or in some way related to the icon. For example the there could be a icon mouse-over effect to show the artist's name or, perhaps, a small clickable overlay icon in the bottom right corner indicating that the icon was made by a player rather than the game developers. Clicking that icon would do something like display the artist's name or open the player's page/profile/? in a new window.