2015-02-24 02:37:53
2015-03-01 06:06:13
Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.21
One day when we work on music.... ambient music like in a forest would be some natural soundscape.... maybe a minstrel or other person near by, you'd hear an ambient small sound of their music, and then when right next to them, their music is louder. the music playing loudest would related to threat level. An aggressive npc would have it's fight / battle music playing above the minstrels. but if the aggressive npc was stunned or rendered unable to attack, the music playing would be determined by who enter the room last, unless the person was minstrel / bard class, which their song would be dominant in a room unless the agressive npc came Reporter: zaimus (Zim)
Location: toldara.21
we could easily have the music flawlessly mix between itself by keeping tempos the same or relative. I'd imagine fight songs to be maybe double speed of some song of the road in the wild lands. Also, the music would be reflective of the environment when not just a nature sound recording. Maybe some sort of minimal drum beating or chanting found at a small village in the wilderness. Some creepy organ music in the undead mansion, etc.. It would be a very interesting element of dynamic music, we'd probably get players having deep emotional responses to the game play. Something unheard of in text games especially.
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